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Features of WPC products

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1. low water absorption ratio: The wood will produce the gap during its growing time, which makes it have more space and room to get the water and steam. However, the WPC introduces the extruding as its manufacturing method, so there is no space and room in the structure of the decking.

2. higher density: Because the WPC introduces the extruding manufacture method, so the raw material is pressed by the extruding machine. During the pressing process, air will be driven out and gap will be reduced and disappear. Moreover, higher density is one of the most important references for the intensity.

3. anti-aging /anti-UV: Normally speaking, the natural wood has to suffer the heavy aging and the structure of the wood material will crack under the shine of sunlight, and such phenomenon is more obvious especially in areas where UV light is strong. To ensure the quality, we add some related antioxidant and stabilizer into the WPC materials, which makes the WPC have better physicochemical properties than the natural wood. In this level, we can say that the WPC has a longer service life than that of natural wood.

4. anti-fading: In order to ensure a colorful and beautiful sight of products during its service life, people usually paint the natural wood. However, paintings not only give out chemical matters, but also fade year after year. In comparison, WPCs uses the color additive to get the color, which is more environmental. Besides, we can provide various colors as customers required.

5. easy to shape: Compared to the natural wood, WPC is being heated and extruded, thus it is easier to be shaped into the object we want than the natural wood.

6. low maintenance: Because of its high density and excellent feature of anti-fading and anti-cracking, it requires much less maintenance than that of the wood. In this level, it saves a lot of cost and labor.

7. nice characteristic of environmental: It contains no toxic substance, dangerous chemical composition, preservative etc. No harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene etc are being released. Moreover, it will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution.